Logo ACERACER, (Emilia Romagna Housing Company) is a Public Institution owned by the Provincial Administration and the Municipalities. The Institution was born in 1921 as IACP (Public Housing Autonomous Authority) for the purpose of building and renting social housing houses and flats in the Reggio Emilia province territory. Regional Law no. 24 of 2001 transferred ownership of social housing buildings and flats to the relevant Municipalities. The same law also transformed IACP in ACER, (Azienda Casa Emilia Romagna – Emilia Romagna Housing Company), which are Public Institutions of Commercial/Economic Nature, owned by the Provincial Administration and the Municipalities.
Today ACER is a modern company, which combines a market oriented attitude with a strong social role, and it is also an innovative company, which stands at the forefront both in the use of advanced energy saving technologies and in making buildings that unite equity of costs with building quality. ACER also carries out an important social role in a reality where, despite heavy public intervention, the demand of affordable rent houses is growing.