EDILIANS is a main actor on the French market for building components with more than 1.1000 employees with a turnover of 300 million euros in 2018. EDILIANS is the leading player of the roof tile market and it can offer a complete range of roofing products, tiles and accessories that are consistent with local requirements, photovoltaic and solar panels, ensuring perfect water-tightness thanks to an innovative system of integration into the roof. EDILIAN Roof Tiles is founded on a major industrial heritage, as the first factory was established in Europe in 1811. It is from 1841 that one can begin to talk about industrialisation, with the Gilardoni tile factory and the invention of machine-made tiles by the Gilardoni brothers. The birthplace of the modern clay tile would later become the Huguenot Fenal brand, and subsequently IMERYS Roof Tiles and nowadays EDILIANS. Today EDILIANS Roof Tiles consists of 13 industrial sites and relies on the expertise of its workforce as well as that of the Research and Technology teams of the EDILIANS group (240 engineers and technicians, 14 laboratories) both in terms of procedures and new products. The company is designing, developing and selling renewable energy systems for buildings. EDILIANS has strong know-how and long-term experience on BIPV systems, in particular PV roof tiles based on clay substrates and on heat collection systems using thermodynamic systems.
As a player on the world stage, EDILIANS Roof Tiles is particularly sensitive to the problems of sustainable development and is committed to continually improve its industrial processes. Thus, all extraction work takes place in consultation with the local population and with due respect for environmental constraints. All the sites are certified ISO 14001 and the company makes a point of improving the policies regarding sustainable development by respecting the standards of the Kyoto Agreement and by optimising energy consumption at industrial sites.

WEBSITE: edilians.eu