04 March 2022

Great news: LIFE Superhero project has just been added on the Green Building Council Italia website inside the page related to the innovation of the month. The page give notice about the project main objectives and expected impacts, showing the environmental benefits of LIFE Superhero solution.

Green Building Council Italy (GBC Italy) is a non-profit association to which the most competitive companies and the most qualified Italian associations and professional communities operating in the sustainable construction segment belong. GBC Italia is part of the World GBC, a network of national GBCs presents in more than 70 countries, which represents the largest international organization in the world active in the sustainable construction market. GBC Italia promotes a process of transformation of the Italian building market through the promotion of the third-party certification system and its own certification protocols (GBC systems) expressly developed for the specificities of the Italian market, whose parameters establish precise design criteria and construction of healthy, energy-efficient buildings with a low environmental impact.

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