08 June 2023

Confindustria Ceramica, together with Federbeton, is promoting a cycle of six seminars on sustainability in the building industry with insights into the Minimum Environmental Criteria (Ministerial Decree of 23 June 2022, in force since December 2022) and the evolution of other European regulations in the field energy-environmental.

The seminars, “Sustainability of construction products: from the new CAMs to European regulations for buildings – the Life Cycle Assessment for the assessment of environmental impacts”, sponsored by ANCE Nazionale, Federcostruzioni and GBC Italia, provide training credits for engineers and architects and are organized by The Plan.

The main objective of the initiative is the wider dissemination of the contents of the dossier “The principle of neutrality of building materials for the sustainability of the building in the life cycle” which – on the basis of a large collection of international studies – from evidence of how any generic indication towards the use of specific materials can be misleading without the environmental benefits being promptly verified through an assessment conducted with harmonizing methodologies, for concrete technological and economic scenarios, on a building scale.

The seminar program, which will be held in 2023 in Naples, Rome, Bologna, Bari, Rimini and Milan, also includes testimonials from brick and tile manufacturing companies and will illustrate application examples related to CAM Building (for ceramic products, with reference to guide drawn up by Confindustria Ceramica), environmental certifications and the ISO 17889-1 standard.

Two partners of the LIFE Superhero project will take part in the first stage on 26 June at the Naples Builders’ Association: Alfonsina Di Fusco of Confindustria Ceramica who will highlight the recognition of ventilated roofs as a CAM requirement, obtained thanks to the results of the Life Herotile project and LIFE Superhero; and Mario Cunial of ICP who will illustrate how the innovative “Herotiles-based Roof” tiles can contribute to the adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

For more information, consult the event programme.