12 March 2024

On March 5 2024, in Castilla (Spain),  LIFE SuperHero project took part at the Qualicer event, a congress on ceramic tile quality. At the event, our Project Coordinator, Benedetta Ferrari, participated with an oral presentation entitled: “The LIFE SUPERHERO project: permeable and ventilated roofs as an emergent solution for climate adaptation and mitigation” included in the “New Constructive System” section in the the scope of Block C – Ceramic Tile Manufacture.

The presentation focused over the work done on the C1 action, which was to create a new test procedure to gauge the air permeability of LATERIZIO tiles. The work that was presented included participation from M.C. Bignozzi (CC), E. Di Giuseppe (UNIVPM), M. D’Orazio (UNIVPM), A. Gianangeli (UNIVPM), and H. Mathieu (CTMNC).

Have a look at some pictures of the event below!