05 March 2024

LIFE SUPERHERO project will participate at SAIE Lab 2024 “EVOLUZIONE DEI MODELLI DI CALCOLO E TECNOLOGIE PER LE NUOVE COSTRUZIONI IN AMBITO CIVILE E RESIDENZIALE”: the first stage of the SAIE LAB will take place in the city of Ancona (Italy), with an emphasis on structural, architectural, urban planning, and energy technologies for “new” structures.

With a focus on technological systems, design indications, regulations, and application scenarios, the technical interventions will explore design, implementation, energy efficiency, safety, and durability of structures in new buildings. Among the extensive subjects:

  • Seismic design technologies
  • Instruments for enhancing building energy efficiency
  • Passive cooling and building envelope
  • Eco-friendly concretes

An opportunity to showcase the benefits of using concrete and truly applicable technologies, materials, and solutions in the design and construction of new civil and residential structures, with the goal of making them safer and more sustainable, to businesses, designers, surveyors, engineers, and architects.

The event will be held on April 9, 2024 in Ancona (Italy), in which Prof. Prof. Elisa Di Giuseppe from Univ. Politecnica delle Marche will give a speech about LIFE SUPERHERO project!